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Teenagers Healthy Diet - Help to Weight Loss For Teenage Girls and Boys

Teenagers healthy diet also means well-balanced diet. Read how you can integrate a girls guide to eating healthy into your girl's daily living, what are the negative health consequences to your seriously overweight teenager or how to choose the sensitive help to weight loss for teenage girls and boys.

Risks to your teenagers health from being overweight or obese:

The negative health consequences to your seriously overweight teenager or child are both physical and emotional.

1. Physical risk indicators that were previously not seen until adulthood are beginning to show up in childhood. The primary effect of obesity is a much greater risk of developing heart disease later on in life.

Carrying extra weight can lead to other severe physical problems as well, including:

* Type 2 diabetes

* Sleep apnea

* Orthopedic problems

* Liver disease

* Asthma

* Cancer

* Osteoarthritis

2. More damaging to your teenager in the short run are the psychological and social effects of obesity. The Mayo Clinic cites the following effects that your overweight child is more likely to experience:

* Low self-esteem and bullying.

Teenagers often tease or bully their overweight peers, who suffer a loss of self-esteem and an increased risk of depression as a result.

* Behavior and learning problems.

Overweight teenage girls or boys tend to have more anxiety and poorer social skills than normal weight teenagers. At one extreme, these problems may lead to acting out and disrupting the classroom. At the other, they may cause social withdrawal. Stress and anxiety also interfere with learning. School-related anxiety can create a vicious cycle in which ever-growing worry fuels ever-declining academic performance.

* Depression.

Social isolation and low self-esteem create overwhelming feelings of hopelessness in some overweight children. When children lose hope that their lives will improve, they are well on the way to depression. A depressed child may lose interest in normal activities, sleep more than usual or cry a lot. Some depressed children hide their sadness and appear emotionally flat instead. Either way, depression is as serious in children as in adults.

Obesity treatment for teenage girls and boys:

Rarely does treatment for childhood or teenage obesity focus on weight loss. Instead, the aim is to slow or stop weight gain so that a child can grow into his or her ideal weight. The main goal is to work on the energy balance-a healthy ratio of calories consumed (diet) to calories burned (exercise).

How can you integrate a girls guide to eating healthy into your girl's daily living?

Begin eating healthy as a family.

These tips will help you get started:

* Regular meals - It is very important to eat regular meals during the day...every day. Shoot for three well-balanced meals and two healthy snacks.

* Cooking Options - Fast food manufacturers have turned the world on to fried foods. However, there are much healthier alternatives, such as grilled, baked, and even stir-fried.

* Portion Control - A very important aspect that should be a part of every girls guide to healthy eating, regardless of her weight, is portion control. Teach your girl to stop eating when she is full. It's okay to leave extra food on that plate!

* Balanced Diet - A girl's development depends upon a well-balanced diet. This means lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins, dairy foods, and healthy fats.

* Seasoning Choices - Skip the bad fat grams and the high sodium content, and instead choose herbs to spice up your dinner.

* Sugar Alternatives - Does your little sweetie have a sweet tooth? Help her combat it by offering better alternatives, such as sugar-free drinks and snacks and flavored water.


* Clearer skin

* Shinier hair

* More energy

* Achieving maximum height

* Maintaining a healthy weight

* Having a strong body

In conclusion about Teenagers Healthy Diet :

Begin eating healthy as a family is the first step you can do.

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